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PunktTech EcoFinance Reality is an enterprise whose purpose is to tokenize parts of the traditional financial Contract models and bring them to the masses. PunktTech EcoFinance Reality Security tokens offer members an easy and accessible way to participate in exclusive opportunities. PunktTech EcoFinance Reality foundations are build on a real estate portfolio ensuring the necessary security and stability. We are a team of real estate & blockchain experts that offer a new way of participation in exciting global trends. We closely monitor global trends and bring the most stable asset growth opportunities to the PunktTech EcoFinance Reality Holding.

Real estate is both head and heart. While technology can create a connected journey, there is no substitute for the counsel of professionals. PunktTech EcoFinance Reality works with real estate agents, brokers, builders, property managers and landlords to pair technology with top notch service. Our technology platform connects buyers, sellers and renters with the people and services they need to make it easier to get into a home they love. Own a property today with PunktTech EcoFinance Reality.


30 Greenwood Road Norway, ME 04268
$ 300,000
  • - Property size - 2000 Square Feet
  • - Bedrooms - 4
  • - Bathrooms - 21/2

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5 Thurlow Avenue Paris, ME 04281
$ 269,000
  • Property size - 2,925 sqft
  • Bedrooms - 3
  • Bathrooms - 2

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Modern And Unique Oceanfront Mansion With Breathtaking View Of The Ocean And A Privace Pier
$ 3,027,241
  • - Property size - 6,674 sqft 18,299 sqft lot $ 1,952/sqft
  • - Bedrooms - 4
  • - Bathrooms - 7

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54 Merles Landing Norway, ME 04268
$ 650,000
  • - Property size - 2667 Square Feet
  • - Bedrooms - 3
  • - Bathroom - 3

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